Establish an Remarkable Glass Enterprise


To Establish an Remarkable Glass Enterprise and Achievements of World Class Brand.

The brand shall be the critical importance for future enterprise competitiveness. To become the leader in the glass industry, we must build the brand based on credit. By insisting on the concept of “Trust and Passion”, through scientific brand construction and management, Xinyi Glass shall gradually convert its development strategy to “Driving operation by brand” and take the first chance in the increasing competitive market. 

Enterprise Mission

Xinyi Glass, Leading a Green New Life
Xinyi Glass led and promotes green and healthy corporate culture under the concept of high-quality energy-saving products and green development.
Xinyi Glass products are highly efficient use of resources, from selection of raw materials to the automation of deep-processing; Xinyi increases the product development and innovation, through continuous integration and optimization of the "green" industrial chain, giving customers energy-saving and environmental-friendly product experience. Besides, Xinyi actively actively promote “Low-Carbon Production” and “Energy Saving within the company and the mobilization of all employees to participate in “Green Production Practices” idea.

Core values

  • Trust

  • Integrity

  • Passion

  • People


All merchants must conduct business with credit, we have been taking the implementation

of our commitment to users and employees as the basic principle of the enterprise’s

conducts, which is also the important foundation of rapid developm


We hope to achieve success through mutual integrity between enterprise and employees and

between enterprise and customers, thus to realize the personal development of all

employees and the prosperity of all customers.


To realize our commitment to our customers, all personnel of Xinyi shall consciously keep going and

work hard to meet the increasing product requirements of the customers.Passion

is the realm of lofty thought we have been pursuing.


The persons who gave birth to me are my parents, while the persons who give assistance to me are my

friends. Xinyi constantly repays the society with a heart of thanksgiving while pursuing

the development. We also request all employees to