Leading a Green New Life

01.Public Welfare Undertakings


In Xinyi, every employee is the most valuable asset. In order to ensure employees' occupational health, we provide our staff with protective clothing and equipment and organize medical care for body checking regularly;we advocate the spirit of excellence throughprocess improvement andautomatic equipment investment so as to reduce the employee's work intensity and promote employee safety. This ensures the sustained and healthy development of Xinyi. Xinyi established a sound management system and incentives by setting up employee union and “love fund” which is established to help needy employees and their families, as of 2018 the cumulative expenditure of about 446 million to help 816 employees.

Xinyi build an effective communication platform between the enterprise and employee through IT office system for better understanding of employees, which also encouragethe harmonious Xinyi culture. Each Xinyi industrial park havehealth center to meet the medical needs of employees. Besides, several of internal public infrastructures are built, such as badminton courts, soccer fields, basketball courts, gym and library, to meet staff needs for fitness, reading, entertainment, culture and other aspects.

Xinyi always adhere to the core values ofTrust, Integrity, Passion, and Peopleand take the responsibility of continuing efforts to create a healthy and harmonious working and living environment for employees.


Xinyi Glass undertake the responsibility of helping the poor in long-term since its inception in 1988 initiatively, By now, Mr. LEE Yin Yee, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Xinyi Group won three "Pengcheng Charity Award”. The Group donates several hundred million for education, culture and health, transportation and environmental protection, poverty relief, social security, and other courageous philanthropy charity authority.

As a member of the local community, Xinyi always insists on the concept of repaying the society, and plays an active role in public welfare undertakings, building of the Hope Primary Schools and setting of public welfare fund and has made positive contributions to the public welfare, education, disaster relief and environmental protection in a practical way. With great contributions to the society, the Group has won several titles of honor and awards, including the title of “Humen Education Supporter”,” Guangdong Glory Career Award” and “The third Pengcheng Charity Award”

In future, Xinyi will continue to run our business properly at the same time promote the wonderful tradition of poverty alleviation. We always adhere to the core values of “People” and convinced that doing good things impact on the world.

02.Green Trave

Environment Protection

Xinyi continue to increase the investment in technological innovation, energy saving and environmental protection facilities in order to create an environmental-friendly, innovative world-class brand -Xinyi Glass. Xinyi Glass implemented the "Oil to Gas" project with a scientific attitude, advanced technology, superior quality and strict management. The use of clean natural gas helps to improve the quality of life and optimize the urban environment. Group comprehensively promotes desulfurization, denitrification and waste heat power generation projects to reduce carbon emissions and promote reuse of resources so as to achieve a win-win situation between the enterprise and society.

Xinyi has a project called “Golden Sun” which is a rooftop and distributed ground photovoltaic power generation project with total 220MW power generation among all industrial park. It allows us to generate electricity for our own use and help to create economic benefits


Xinyi Glass followed the pace of low-carbon economy, long-term commitment to the development of energy saving products. On the research and development of green products, we continue to achieve new breakthroughs, and constantly promote the concept of energy saving .

Xinyi has developedthe LOW-E glass capable of being tempered and hot-bended,SOLAR-X heat-reflecting automobile glass and other environmental-friendly products. Our energy-saving architectural glass was chosen by the Shanghai World Expo China Pavilion as the low-carbon energy products. Besides, Xinyi SOLAR-X heat reflecting automobile glass is the only glass patented energy-saving products in China.

In response to the government environmental protection promotion, optimize our product development and implement of concept of "Intelligent” production. We take "energy saving and environmental protection" as an important part of the enterprise development strategy, and implanted it in every step of our development. Xinyi Glass also takes "leading a green new life" as the enterprise mission and explore the environmental-friendly development

In the future, Xinyi will take the advantage of our developed renewable energy field, such as Cogeneration, Gold sun roof plan, Photovoltaic plant, to continue the development of new energy industry, at the same time increase the inputs in micro grid energy storage and wind power to positively response to the national industrial policy and contribute to the sustainable development of human and improve the earth's environment.