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Campus Recruitment
Campus Recruitment


1. Working Hour:Xinyi adopt the standard working policy-8 hrs/day. Timer Clerk is five days working (8:00-12:00, 14:00-18:00), two day leave in weekend. Production department adopt the shifting standard. Every shifts is 8 hours with at least one day off every week, overtime will be paid.

2. Five insurance and one fund: Xinyi employee will have social and commercial insurance purchased by the company. Also,housing provident fund will be providing after probation.

3. Accommodation: Provide different type of accommodation such as Collective dormitory, single apartment or double room, with air conditioning, wireless network, TV port, toilet and 24 hours hot water. Employee can apply for familyaccommodation if you meet the requirement.After the promotion to the management level, a flat will be provided and receivedaccommodationsubsidy. Every employee who lives in Xinyi apartment will receive water and electric subsidy every month.

4. Meal allowance: Monthly meal allowance is 200yuan. Employee used rechargeable cafeteria meal card to order food in every canteen in the industrial Park. National statutory holiday’s dining room free meals.

5. Work Service Award: Every employee can receive 100 dollar for every month of work when the working contracts expires or quit the job under normal procedure.

6. Employment Service Award: employee who work for five years and renew the contract will receive 8 thousands.

7. High temperature subsidies: Every summer will provide at 4 months subsidies, 150 dollars/month. Also provide cool drink or herbal tea granules.

Career Path

  • 01

    Management Path

    Reserve personnel → Basic Management→ Middle Management → Top Management

  • 02

    Technician Path

    Reserve personnel → Technician → Engineer → Senior Engineer → Vice Chief Engineer → Chief Engineer

  • 03

    Sale Path

    Reserve personnel → Sale Service personnel→ Sale representative → Sale Engineer/Manager

  • 04

    Functional Path

    Reserve Personnel →Intermediate Clerk →Senior Clerk

Common Question Q&A

  • Q:Can I move my residence to my workplace?

    A:Most of the city can provide residence affiliated service. The liberalization of Dongguan integral system and talent access policy is obvious. Normally, students who are new Dongguan with undergraduate or above degree educational level can apply for residence following the procedure.

  • Q:How can I handle my certification document?

    A:Graduated student who choose to suspend employment can keep their certification document in their school for a short period. As those document are important, we advice graduated student to keep in document keeping agency. Our company can help employee to handle the document affiliated.

  • Q:What is the salary system of the company?

    A:Our Company have clear policy of salary, the salary of our employee consist of fixed salary and floating salary. Each position category will have a different salary scale.

  • Q:How will be the salary adjustment after probation?

    A:According to company policy, employee after probation will have 200-500 dollar salary adjustment. System head will approve for special circumstances. Besides, Company usually adjusts salary during the first half year. Graduated student will be allocated to suitable position and their salary will be adjusted according to the position.

  • Q:How much salary will a new entry employee got?

    A:A new entry employee who work in regular period will have 2500 dollar salary or above except other subsidies and overtime payment.

  • Q:How to operate if regular employees want to leave?

    A:Regular employees have to inform related department 30 days before they quit. Face-to-face meeting will be organize with HR and related department and employee will be ask to in fill the Employee termination application form. Departure procedure will be conducted after approval of department head.

  • Q:How to operate if you want to leave during the internship or probation period?

    A:If you want to leave during the internship or probation period,employee should inform related department in writing three day in advance. Our company will handle the departure procedures according to the labor law

  • Q:If I was hired, how many years of labor contract should be signed?

    A:All employees of the company unified signed a five-year contract; employees who work for five years and renew the contract will receive 8 thousands employment service award and receive annually paid award of 100 dollar for every month of work.

  • Q:How long is the probation period?

    A:According to company policy, the probation period will be 3-5 months for new entry employee who signed a five year long-term contract. If there are no other special circumstances, graduated student will become regular employee of the company. After graduated student obtain graduation certificate, student will sign a five years contract with our company and the probation period will be 3 months. Internship period will be record as probation period. If internship period is over 3 months, graduated student will be able to arrange the test for regular employee.

  • Q:How long is the internship period?

    A:The internship period refer to the period before graduated student obtain graduation certificate. Our company will sign an internship agreement until student graduated and sign another employment agreement. Internship salary and probation salary will be the same.

  • Q:If I am hired, what is the time for registration?

    A:Every graduated student hired and signed employment agreement with our company should register by the end of June or early July. If it is necessary, our company may notify graduated student to register in advance. Our company will inform student to have their register information prepared via email. If there is necessary for personal information and account migration, our company will inform in advance.

  • Q:How to terminate the employment agreement?

    A:Graduated student should inform the company to terminate the three party employment agreements in writing and explain the reasons of termination. A termination letter will be sent to graduated student after our HR confirms to terminate the contract. We believe graduated student have serious consideration before the termination; therefore, there is no penalty for breach of agreement.

  • Q:If you want to breach of contract, how to do?

    A:When the employment agreement have been signed graduated student, the company and the school, it become legally binding. Any party shall not be released without authorization. Normally, the contract is breached by graduated student and led to two aspects of influences. Firstly, it may affect the cooperation relationship between the company and the related school. Secondly, our company may not be able to hire others to fill the original position and this may cause some kind delay of work.

  • Q:What is the procedure of Campus Recruitment?

    A:When the campus recruitment started, we will organize some recruitment meeting. After the recruitment meeting, our HR will Screen resumes, arrange interviews and written tests. Finally confirm employment list and contact qualified students via telephone or email to sign the contracts. Student can follow our official website, Weibo, Weixin and recruitment websites for more information if students cannot attend the recruitment meeting and post your resume to our email: Our HR will make interview appointment with you if qualified.

  • Q:What are the matter need attentions for resume posting?

    A:Sending resume must be sent to our specified email:, with a email title include School name, professional, Student name and position. Job seekers should apply for one position according to you desire.

  • Q:What is the process of signing the three party employment agreements?

    A: After graduated student and our company reached an intention, student will be provide with an agreement, have their personal information written down and return back to our company. Finished agreement will be sealed and sent to Municipal Personnel Bureau approve and sealed. Our company will keep one copy, the other two will send to related school and graduated student.