R & D

Innovation Change the World

Innovation to change the world.

Company's long-term commitment to R & D investment, and continuously build a competitive advantage of products and solutions.

R & D Innovation System

The technical innovation system of Xinyi Glass consists of Hong Kong energy-conservation glass R&D center, postdoctoral research center and the technical centers under the industries subordinate to Xinyi Glass. Presently, our group has gathered nearly 200 senior experts from home and abroad specialized in ultra-thin glass, automobile glass, building glass, electronic glass, film technology, solar technology and related fields, including 4 technical experts enjoying special government allowance of the State Council, with 20% having middle and senior titles and over 1,000 sets of software, instruments and equipment at the international advanced level. By the end of 2014, the group has obtained 518 odd patents. Xinyi always complies with and supports the national industrial standards and has made great contributions in such matters, actively advocates and directs the formulation and revision of various standards to lead the industry development trend.
The Group also plays a proactive role in domestic and foreign academic and technical exchange, enhances the cooperation with various scientific research institutions to build the production-study-research exchange platform integrating enterprises, universities and research institutions. It has established partnership with the South China University of Technology, China Building Materials Academy, Tsinghua University, Shenzhen University and so on to conduct the basic research and application research and energy-conservation technology development of the large material fields (integrating the traditional inorganic glass material, rubber and plastics and other high polymer materials as well as Nano, film and composite materials), thus to promote technical advancement and innovation as the incubator for high-tech achievement industrialization.

Research Personnel Management

& Incentive System

The Group has built several HR incentive systems for technical talents, and the research talents significantly contributing to the company shall obtain special awards according to the rewarding policies. The Group holds technical seminars every year, and has established complete title evaluation system, formed scientific talent training, exchange and development system, intended to enhance the professional skills of the research talents of different levels, gather force for the enterprise’s technical innovation and make reserve for knowledge and technical documents and build sustainable talent development basis and mechanism.

Current Main Research and Development Direction

The research direction of Xinyi Glass is mainly on energy-conservation and environmental-friendly technology, float glass, glass deep-processing technologies and the solar filed. Xinyi has been committed to providing first-class research environment, international exchange platform, the most cutting-edge market needs and most comprehensive application prospect for research personnel. Based on the spirits of dedication, integrity, team and innovation, all staff shall spare no effort to make Xinyi a world leading enterprise by uniting the first-class scientific research institutions.